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Employment Services

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Employment is part of everyday life and society. The Arc San Joaquin is dedicated to opening up employment opportunities and making it a reality for anyone willing to work at it.  The Arc San Joaquin currently has many employees who are employed in part-time and full-time jobs in either small groups or individually.

Vocational Services works on behalf of persons seeking employment, local employers and families who may be involved in the lives of their family member.

Assistance for Job Seekers:

  •  Person-centered and situational assessment
  •  Job analysis to find the job best suited for job seekers
  • Customized employment management plan
  • Job preparation assessment and assistance
  • Customized employment plan
  • Job placement and customized progress follow-up
  • Paid job tryout period
  • Benefits review assistance
  • Customized Job Coaching
  • Job Counseling
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Develop a resume building upon your experience, strengths and talent

Assistance and Benefits to Employers:

  • Only qualified persons are presented for employment.
  • We analyze your processes to offer efficiency training and supervision assistance.
  • Job tryout period at no cost to the employer
  • Receive tax and other credits that may apply to the location of your business.
  • Receive diversity training to enhance your corporate culture.
  • Assistance meeting ADA requirements
  • Increase your company’s visibility and advertising.
  • Provide training for the new employee with training and adaptations as needed.
  • Quality assurance follow up with employers
  • We are ready to assist in the future as job duties may expand.
  • Online Job Wanted postings

Hiring from The Arc San Joaquin has distinct advantages:

  • No placement fees for our services
  • Applicants are pre-screened
  • Candidates are dependable, reliable & highly motivated
  • On-site job support and coaching for new employees at no cost to the employer
  • Full, part-time and temporary employees available
  • Assistance with federal tax and other credits, as allowable