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The following is a list of our current employers. Please check in often as these change.

  • California Department of Water Resources
  • Sharp’s Army Depot
  • Tracy Defenses
  • Lodi Theater
  • Lodi- Food 4Less
  • Lodi – Target
  • Lodi- Wal-Mart
  • Stockton – Wal-Mart
  • Stockton – Lowes
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Starting Out
  • The Arc San Joaquin
  • Modesto Armory

Jobs We Do
Clients of The Arc San Joaquin strengthen the local economy, help small and large businesses maintain competitive and productivity goals, and are valued employees within their companies.

Retail Services
Where: Large and small retail stores.
Tasks: Customer service, cart retrieval, greeting customers and loss control

Human Services
Where: Adult day centers
Tasks: Full customer services including personal care, mobility assistance in the community and at the centers, and leisure-recreation assistance.

Janitorial Services
Where: Government facilities, churches, private non-profit organizations
Tasks: Complete janitorial service including daily maintenance, wax removal and re-application, and window cleaning.

Landscape Maintenance and Haul-Way Services
Where: Government facilities
Tasks: Mow, edge, prune bushes and trees, and haul-away debris.

Entertainment Field
Where: Local movie theatre
Tasks:  Greet and assist theatre guests, take tickets.