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Employer Testimonial, January 2012
(Actual names were changed and/or omitted)

I am writing in regards to my experience as an employer. From day one, Sandy has shown a strong work ethic and a desire to perform. Sandy needed little instruction or guidance after his first few days and I can always depend on him to be timely, on task, and diligent. He does whatever is asked of him without fail and without complaint.

It was helpful to have the job coaches initially as it gave me a point of contact. I wanted to make sure Sandy was comfortable with his job and had no issues in performing any of the tasks required. The coaches seemed concerned with me as an employer as well as Sandy’s well being. However, Sandy didn’t seem to need them. Though he didn’t express it, I’m sure it gave him a certain level of comfort as well to know that there was a bit of a safety net.

I have to be totally honest. If I had looked solely at Sandy’s resume and he had not had the assistance of The ARC, I probably would not have hired him. This had to do with a spotty employment record and a tendency to move around frequently. I am so glad I gave him an opportunity as he is an absolute asset. As an employer and a member of the community, I appreciate the work that The ARC does.”


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